Dynamics 365 Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts

Dynamics 365 Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts

We all prefer to save valuable seconds during the day, so put together a list of Dynamics 365 Business Central keyboard shortcuts to work quicker and appear like a pro!

Did you know Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central supports the use of numerous keyboard shortcuts? The application already allows you to automate and optimize plenty of daily processes. Additionally, when you are working with data in the interface, there are lots of shortcuts to help you operate even more efficiently.

Keyboard shortcuts are important tools for many ERP system users that spend their days entering data and navigating around the system. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has included a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts to make actions and navigation easier within the application.

Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts

Where and how shortcuts can be used

Shortcuts can be useful in various situations and for different purposes. The following list shows the types of shortcuts that exist in Business Central.

General keyboard shortcuts

They can be used for navigating and accessing different elements of a page, such as actions, drop-down lists, lookups, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts in lists

They can be used for navigating records once you get inside a list. The shortcut action is slightly different depending on whether the page is shown in the list view or tile view. Furthermore, there are different options when to use shortcuts in lists: general, navigating between rows and columns, selecting/copying/pasting as well as searching and filtering lists.

Keyboard shortcuts in cards and documents

These shortcuts are available on card pages, such as Customer Card, and document pages, such as Sales Order, to display and modify records.

Quick entry shortcuts for fields

These shortcuts pertain to the Quick Entry feature on cards, documents, and list pages. On lists, the shortcuts cannot be used when the list is in the tile view.

Keyboard shortcuts in the calendar

When setting a date field, you can either enter the date manually or open a calendar (date picker) that lets you select the date you want.

Keyboard shortcuts in date fields

Date shortcuts that enables you to enter the work or date of today to be entered easily while performing any business transaction in Business Central.

Keyboard shortcuts in the report preview:

If you preview a report that was created in Access, the record navigation buttons appear in the default location, at the bottom of the Access window.

Keyboard Shortcut for Role explorer:

Role explorer gives you an overview and quick access to all the business features that are available for your role.

These are just a few basic shortcuts to help you through the most common tasks but there are many more! check out Microsoft’s overview of keyboard shortcuts in Business Central for a full list.

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