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Harsh Makwana

Sales & Marketing Director
  • +91 74054 84972
  • Ahmedabad, India

Harsh Makwana is Tripearltech’s Sales & Marketing Director, and he is in charge of steering the company’s business image and market development as the company expands rapidly and undergoes substantial digital advances in the IT sector.

Throughout his career, he has offered the best of his knowledge and abilities of Microsoft Dynamics business-to-business services organisations such as Microsoft Gold Partners or Enterprise solution business implementers from INDIA, USA, UAE, Australia, Mauritius, Germany, and Canada.

Some specifics about his area of expertise, which helps Tripearltech achieve its goals through his accountable role.

  • For project or resource augmentations, strategic coordination with business-to-business industries is essential.
  • Diversifying sectors are embracing cloud-based solutions as a means of digital transformation.
  • Promoting enterprise-level business solutions and product releases.
  • In technology and consulting services, leadership is needed to take revenue growth to the next level.
  • Assisting the team in remaining focused in a technology-driven culture in order to increase productivity and individual progress.
Harsh Makwana, who holds a master’s degree in computer applications, is passionate about corporate business technology and can recommend the best cloud solution to streamline industrial operations.

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