Panaria Group India

Panaria Group, a leading Italian manufacturer of ceramic tiles, has been at the forefront of the industry for over forty years. Their commitment to innovation and quality has earned them a reputation for excellence in both domestic and international markets. With a diverse product range and a focus on customer satisfaction, Panaria Group has experienced significant growth and expansion since its inception.


  • Initial Issues and Concerns


    Like any major system implementation, Panaria Group encountered a few initial hurdles during the stabilization of Dynamics NAV operations. These challenges included data integration complexities, customization requirements, and user adoption issues. The company recognized the need for expert assistance to overcome these obstacles and maximize the potential of Dynamics NAV.

  • Impact on Productivity and Efficiency


    The challenges faced by Panaria Group during the stabilization phase had a direct impact on its productivity and efficiency. Delays in data integration and system customization affected the accuracy and speed of operations, leading to a decrease in overall performance. Panaria Group realized the urgency of resolving these issues to regain operational excellence and drive growth.

Dynamics NAV – Annual Maintenance

Tripearltech’s team of experts worked closely with Panaria Group to customize and configure Dynamics NAV to meet their specific needs. This involved adapting the system to accommodate unique workflows and integrating it seamlessly with existing applications. Tripearltech ensured that the customization process was streamlined, minimizing disruptions to Panaria Group’s operations.


  • Improved Stability and Performance of Dynamics NAV
    Since partnering with Tripearltech, Panaria Group has experienced a significant improvement in the stability and performance of their Dynamics NAV system.

  • Enhanced User Experience and Productivity
    Tripearltech’s support has not only improved the backend of Panaria Group’s Dynamics NAV system but has also enhanced the overall user experience.

Future Outlook

  • Long-term Partnership Goals
    Panaria Group and Tripearltech have set long-term partnership goals to further strengthen their collaboration. They aim to continue improving system stability and performance, while also exploring opportunities to leverage additional features and functionalities within Dynamics NAV.

  • Potential Areas for Further Collaboration
    Moving forward, Panaria Group and Tripearltech are considering collaboration in areas such as business intelligence and analytics integration, e-commerce solutions, and supply chain management enhancements.


The successful collaboration between Panaria Group and Tripearltech has provided tremendous support for stabilizing Dynamics NAV operations. Through improved stability and performance, enhanced user experience, and significant cost and time savings, Tripearltech has proven to be an invaluable partner in optimizing Panaria Group’s NAV operations.

Looking ahead, the partnership is poised to continue driving innovation and expanding the usage of Dynamics NAV to support Panaria Group’s future growth. With Tripearltech’s expertise and Panaria Group’s commitment to excellence, the collaboration is a shining example of how technology partnerships can make a positive impact on businesses.

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