Streamlining Shipping Operations for Paclantic Naturals LLC


This case study showcases how our Shipping Module using EasyPost services has significantly improved Paclantic Naturals LLC’s shipping operations, resulting in greater efficiency and client satisfaction.

Rendered Service

Shipping Module(3PL) using EasyPost services

Challenges Faced

Prior to utilizing our services, Paclantic Naturals LLC faced several challenges in their shipping operations:

  • Packing items in boxes/pallets and managing quantities manually.
  • Fetching rates from different shipping agents and service providers, then comparing them manually using Excel.
  • Manually purchasing shipping services and tracking shipments through stored Excel links.
  • Loading shipping costs, markups, and packing costs into sales orders/invoices.
  • Sharing tracking links with customers via email.

Solution Provided:

We developed a comprehensive solution to address these challenges in Microsoft Business Central:

  • Enabled users to pack items in boxes/pallets within the same interface.
  • Streamlined rate comparison by fetching rates from different logistics providers in real-time.
  • Simplified the purchasing of shipments with a single action.
  • Automated the process of sending tracking links to customers via email.

Strategy to Solve Problems:

Our strategy involved integrating all aspects of shipping into Microsoft Business Central, consolidating multiple manual processes into a single, user-friendly interface.

Project Phases:

  1. Requirement Gathering:

    • Conducted meetings to understand challenges and user expectations.
    • Finalized the module’s structure to facilitate manual steps for users.
  2. Customization and Configuration:

    • Created ship package cards from sales quotes/orders to estimate shipping costs.
    • Managed packaging of items (suggested packing and one box/pallet per item).
    • Verified ship-to addresses and fetched rates from various logistics providers.
    • Purchased shipments and obtained tracking URLs.
    • Printed shipping labels and provided URLs.
  3. Data Migration:

    • Mapped shipping agents and services in Business Central.
    • Managed carrier accounts if users had purchased any in the past.
    • Set up markups for boxes and third-party shipping accounts.
  4. Testing:

    • Conducted extensive unit testing and user acceptance testing to identify and resolve issues.
  5. Training and Change Management:

    • Implemented comprehensive training programs to upskill users.
    • Addressed resistance to change with change management strategies.

Benefits of the Service and Solution:

  • One-time configuration with no additional costs apart from EasyPost services.
  • Effortless management of previous shipments and streamlined packaging procedures.
  • Users can check past shipments and their status directly from Business Central.

Client Satisfaction:

Clients have expressed high satisfaction with the streamlined shipping process, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and identities for each step.

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