Adapting to change with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has helped companies adapt to change. Meeting consumer expectations and remaining relevant in today’s fast-paced corporate environment is no easy feat. There has been a dramatic increase in remote employment and new technology lately, and many people have found it difficult to adapt quickly enough, not to mention deal with the accompanying financial strains.

Using examples from the manufacturing and financial services sectors, this blog post will highlight the recent successes of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales customers. Each of these companies uses Dynamics 365 Sales to solve specific problems and accomplish remarkable results, whether it’s strengthening relationships with clients, enhancing processes, or cutting expenses.

Come with us as we delve into practical instances of how Dynamics 365 Sales can enhance your success in the modern market, regardless of your industry.

Some Examples of How Companies Across the Globe Adapted Dynamics 365 Sales

Banking and Finance

Dynamics 365 Sales is helping financial institutions establish stronger client interactions, causing a revolution in the banking industry.


Investors and customers of financial institutions like banks and insurance firms anticipate a tailored service that takes their specific requirements into account. Long-term customers expect these businesses to get to know them and approach them with services that are meaningful to them. Nonetheless, major banks often have branches all over the world, and each branch has to cater to local markets and regulations with its own unique set of services and products.


In order to overcome these obstacles, global financial services providers use Dynamics 365 Sales’ conversation intelligence features to accurately transcribe and analyze sales calls. In the end, this helped save time and cut expenses by strengthening client relationships and identifying the right next steps.


Efficiently handling clients’ wealth is a point of pride for leading asset management firms around the world. In an effort to streamline data collection from customers, these asset management firms use Dynamics 365 Sales to consolidate their several CRM systems into a single, all-inclusive sales platform. After conducting proof-of-concept trials, the companies determined that Dynamics 365 Sales offered the best customer relationship management (CRM) solution due to its intuitive interfaces, pre-built connectors, and ability to streamline operations while increasing client interactions.

Manufacturing Sector

Coordination between various internal departments, external partners, and customers is essential in manufacturing. Simultaneously, customers want reliable experiences. Despite the importance of traditional dealer networks, end users are increasingly seeking out ways to communicate directly with manufacturers. Let’s take a peek at a few of the industry’s most thriving Dynamics 365 Sales users.


Manufacturing firms were looking for a long-term strategy for digital transformation, so they rethought their reporting and sales procedures. Manufacturers of printing and imaging technologies have found that the old configure, price, quote (CPQ) system had problems with building configurations due to a lack of connection across various firm platforms and its complicated product and service framework. By integrating its CRM and CPQ systems with Dynamics 365, these manufacturers were able to cut down on quotation modifications by 43% and significantly reduce the time-to-quote.


Power tools Manufacturers and sellers used Dynamics 365 sales to provide a nified experience to consumers, regardless of whether they were interacting with the company online, in print, or in person at a dealer. Dynamics 365 provided them with a centralized system that would integrate dealer and customer data, making their business processes more transparent. This approach allows for a comprehensive view of customers and specialist dealers. This solution’s implementation resulted in improved communication and collaboration among global sales divisions, as well as a dramatic acceleration of their response time to customer support inquiries.


The adoption of Dynamics 365 Sales has expedited sales procedures based on tenders and enhanced the personalization of marketing communications for transportation companies. Managing accounts and opportunities, as well as generating and qualifying leads, are all part of the lead acquisition process that makes use of Dynamics 365. These companies are now able to provide the globe with sustainable, dependable transportation solutions by centralizing all of these operations in one system. This enables them to quickly track process performance across all touchpoints and fine-tune their operational methods. Now, management can see every interaction that occurs during a service or sale.


You have seen three examples of how clients in the manufacturing and financial services sectors have used Dynamics 365 Sales to surpass sales targets. Though they were all different, they overcame adversity by working toward a common goal: providing greater value to their consumers. Some of them are currently exploring the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Sales to obtain additional information and guidance; they are not yet complete.

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