What is the difference between Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise?

Like many others, you’ve decided to proceed with your organization’s CRM software upgrade, and you’ve decided on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. You’re not entirely sure, though, whether Sales Professional or Sales Enterprise would be best. What distinguishes the differences, except price?


Before we dissect the Enterprise and professional’s similarities and differences, there is one last question that must be addressed before making a decision. I want to know if you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at the moment. Why does this matter? For just $20 per user per month, you can add Dynamics 365 Sales Professional to your company’s Business Central Cloud if it’s already in use. That is a monthly savings of more than $40 per user! After responding to this query, it’s time to contrast D365 Sales Professional and D365 Sales Enterprise.

Why Should anyone select a sales professional?

In essence, Sales Professional is a condensed version of Sales Enterprise, designed primarily for novice sellers who require the most basic features. Core sales force automation is offered by Sales Professionals.

Why Should Anyone Select Sales Enterprise?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide states that customers may meet the demands of more sophisticated sales processes and go beyond sales force automation with Sales Enterprise. Sales Enterprise offers all the features of Sales Professional plus customization, extensibility, embedded intelligence, and manual forecasting.

Can we get a license for both sales enterprise and sales professional?

What should you do when certain users can complete their tasks using Sales Professional while other users need Sales Enterprise to complete their tasks? Are licenses for Sales Enterprise and Sales Professional available? The response is no, you shouldn’t. Microsoft states that it is not advised to mix licenses from several licensing programs on a single tenant since this may result in incompatible subscriptions. If short-term subscriptions are needed, Microsoft Products and Services licenses may be combined with Enterprise Agreement licenses.


We do advise looking at the feature chart below to see which license would be most appropriate for you, and then speaking with your Microsoft partner about it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t currently have a Microsoft Partner; we would be happy to assist you in getting set up and going.

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Microsoft D365 Sales is everything what you need for your sales needs.

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