Manage external warehouses efficiently with WMS mode

With the advent of supply chain management, companies can now merge their logistics departments into one company that handles storage, inventory, and shipping for other companies. A company with sales offices in different states or even different countries can have all its offices work together under the supervision of a central department that manages the warehouse, inventory, and delivery for the entire company. Since this lets each legal entity focus on what it does best, it can help big businesses become more efficient overall.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management-Only Mode

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’s warehouse management “Only Mode,” you may set up a separate legal organization to handle logistics and storage for other entities in your supply chain. Warehouse management-only mode can already manage warehousing activities on behalf of external ERP systems, but this new capability expands upon that.


Using new, lightweight source documents specifically for incoming and outbound shipping orders, the warehouse management-only mode processes buy and sales orders. From an entirely warehouse-management standpoint, these new forms can replace a wide variety of documents that were previously transferred between legal entities, including sales, purchase orders, transfers, and more.


The system adds a new owner inventory dimension to keep track of which legal entities own which catalogue items.

Only Mode Overview

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’s warehouse management-only mode, you may create a separate legal organization to handle all of your warehouse management needs. In the context of Supply Chain Management, this business organization can thereafter offer storage facilities to other businesses. On the other hand, it can integrate with third-party ERP or OM systems to offer warehousing services.


Two primary situations exist:

Join an external ERP system in a warehouse management-only mode


Use Supply Chain Management’s core warehouse management (WMS) features in conjunction with your current investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and order management software from third parties. Our comprehensive WMS capability may be easily deployed alongside your existing ERP or ordering systems, allowing you to save time and avoid unnecessary setup and maintenance of Supply Chain Management features. Then you may start taking advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of the WMS, like the mobile app for Warehouse Management, interaction with carriers, and automation.


Establish a supply chain management system whereby other legal entities can access an external shared warehouse


When you outsource your warehouse management to a third party provider, a distinct legal body is in charge of handling the logistical processes. Other legal businesses handle all of the order and financial processing, and this one shares warehousing services with them.


Lightweight source documents specific to incoming and outbound shipment orders are utilized in the warehouse management “only mode.”. From a purely warehouse management standpoint, these documents can take the place of various general-purpose forms, including sales orders, purchase orders, and transfer orders, because of their exclusive focus on warehouse management.


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management “Only Mode” can help you manage both internal and external warehouse processes within the same warehouse management system and physical locations. It expands the capabilities of warehouses connected to external order management system features.

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