Microsoft 365 Business Basic vs Standard -What you need to know

One of the least expensive Microsoft 365 options is Microsoft 365 Business Basic. However, is it worth it and how is Business Basic compared to the twice-priced Microsoft 365 Standard?


Microsoft 365 plan comparisons might be challenging. There are a total of 12 Microsoft 365 plans, including 4 business options. What exactly do you need, then, and what are the main distinctions between these two plans?


I’ve compared all the key features in a table for you to see as we examine the key distinctions between Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Standard in this article.

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Microsoft 365 Business: Standard vs. Basic

In essence, Microsoft 365’s Business Basic and Standard are the entry-level options. They are both reasonably priced, but they differ greatly in one important way. Let’s quickly review the most significant ones:


The desktop apps are actually where the two plans diverge the most. Desktop client applications are not included with Microsoft 365 Business Basic. This implies that you cannot set up Word, Excel, Outlook, or any other program on your PC.


Nonetheless, you are able to utilize the Office applications’ web version. These days, most users can use Word or Outlook on the browser flawlessly since the online versions function so effectively. It is important to note that the online and desktop versions of the new Outlook application are identical, as it is presently under preview.


Features of Microsoft 365 Business Standard versus Business Basic.

Business Standard costs $12.50 per month, whereas Business Basic requires an annual commitment of $6.00 per month.


Business Standard would require a monthly payment of $15.00, while Business Basic would require a commitment of $7.20.


Regarding Core Details, Business Standard supports five users per user and is installed on PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones, whereas Business Basic Online can only be used on the Web, tablets, and phones.


Office Online is the only resource provided by Business Basic, whereas business standard includes Office Online, Publisher, Access (PC only), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Microsoft Editor are all included in the Office Apps suite.


The same standard services are provided with subscriptions of both Business Basic and Standard, including SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive storage of up to 1 TB per user, and Exchange with a 50 GB mailbox. Webinars, which are included with Business Standard, are the only distinction.


Both subscription options are also available for business apps such as Microsoft Bookings, Planner, Power Automate, PowerApps, Forms, To-Do, Stream, and Microsoft Shifts.


Group policy assistance is one of the Advanced Services included with Business Standard.



The Business Standard package is required if you intend to conduct webinars. Webinars using Teams are not possible with the basic plan. In teams, everything else operates in the same way.


Additional characteristics

Support for group policies is the sole minor distinction between the two, although the majority of small businesses don’t even make use of them. Both plans are identical in every other way.


Microsoft 365 Business Basic is the ideal option for you if you prefer to work online and don’t require desktop applications. It features a 50GB inbox, 1TB of cloud storage for your documents, and is really affordable.


With the exception of the desktop applications, Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Standard are identical; therefore, there isn’t much to compare them to.


We hope that this comparison helped you in choosing the best Microsoft 365 subscription for your needs. If you are looking for a Microsoft Business Partner to help you implement, migrate, upgrade or integrate Microsoft 365 for your business please contact Tripearltech, Your Trusted Microsoft Partner For Resource Outsourcing.

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