Work smarter with Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The advancements in AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have helped small and medium enterprises thrive in this rapidly evolving industry. Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central introduces new ways to simplify operations, increase productivity, and unleash creativity with the power of next-gen AI. Copilot frees up employees to focus on what matters most at a time when 90% of the population is seeking simpler methods to automate mundane tasks.

How does Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central help Your Growth?

Maximize Your Efficiency

Staffing issues often arise. Too little manpower to get enough done is a typical problem for small and medium-sized businesses. With Business Central’s conversational chat tool, Copilot, finding records, learning new skills, and answering queries using natural language is a breeze. By avoiding the use of conventional menus and providing new users with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on when, how, and why to complete tasks, you may streamline the onboarding process and save time.

Achieve efficient e-marketing results

Product managers may overcome writer’s block and boost sales with the help of Copilot in Business Central, which generates persuasive marketing text ideas using artificial intelligence. Copilot can generate product descriptions in seconds that are customized to your preferred tone, structure, and length using important data currently in Business Central, such as material and color. With a few clicks after making any necessary revisions, you can effortlessly publish to Shopify or any other e-commerce platform.

Ease the procedure for placing sales orders

Order creation and revisions might be a pain due to the need to go through large product catalogs or do repeated lookups. Copilot lets you easily add goods and services to a sales quote or order by describing them, pasting relevant details from an email, or referencing a previous order. Copilot will then propose product lines from your portfolio based on your prompt. Sales teams can now devote more time to relationship building and providing outstanding customer experiences thanks to Copilot, which streamlines the order-taking process. 

Effortlessly automate your workflows

By assisting with the creation of Microsoft Power Automate flows using natural language, Copilot makes it easier than ever to streamline corporate operations. Copilot creates a preliminary automation flow based on user demands expressed directly in Business Central. By utilizing Copilot, you can streamline the process of customizing best-practice workflows to your organization while continuing to refine the flow in Power Automate.  

Improve the efficiency of month-end bank reconciliation

When you import your bank statements into Business Central, Copilot will scan them for matching transactions and even suggest entries for those that weren’t auto-matched. This makes bank reconciliation much easier. You may enhance the accuracy of your financial records while decreasing manual work with the help of Copilot, which compares and interprets transaction descriptions, amounts, dates, and patterns across fields.

Manage your money better using e-invoice matching

Incoming electronic invoices may be swiftly compared and mapped to open orders with the help of rule-based matching and Copilot. You may save time and maintain current accounts payable while also fostering strong connections with your suppliers by paying them on time. 

Utilize analysis tools to make data-driven choices

Although there are robust in-built tools in Business Central for creating analytical views of data, doing so manually is labor-intensive and skill-intensive. Without ever having to leave Business Central, Copilot streamlines analysis by taking raw data and turning it into clear views with totals, grouping, pivots, and filters—all with simple text commands. With the help of Copilot, you can make data-driven decisions that will propel your organization forward by simply identifying trends and abnormalities in your data with a single line.

Inventory forecasting to enhance customer service

To avoid running out of stock, the sales and inventory prediction extension employs artificial intelligence to look into the past and predict the future. You can keep your clients pleased by delivering their orders on time, thanks to Business Central’s streamlined replenishment process. Once a gap is recognized, it generates vendor requests.

Decrease uncertainty by anticipating payment delays

You may improve your collections strategy and cut down on receivables with the late payment prediction extension, which predicts whether or not outstanding sales invoices will be paid on time. Consider adjusting the customer’s payment terms or method in the event that a payment is expected to be delayed. Anticipating and responding to potential late payments can improve overdue receivables, the risk of non-payment, and financial performance.

Strengthen your financial footing by analyzing your cash flow

To help you keep tabs on your company’s cash status, Business Central can generate a comprehensive cash flow analysis with the help of AI. One of the most important ways to keep tabs on your financial health and make proactive modifications to meet your financial obligations is to do a cash flow analysis. This tool is future-focused and provides valuable insight into your company’s solvency. You can swiftly adjust your strategy to protect your company’s financial health using data from Business Central.


Copilot provides your business with a competitive advantage through AI-driven solutions that stimulate creativity, increase efficiency, and unlock human potential in ways that were previously unthinkable. Redefining workplace possibilities is at the heart of AI integration into regular corporate activities, which goes beyond simply staying ahead in a competitive market. Your organization can tackle the modern business landscape with speed, accuracy, with the help of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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