Microsoft Dynamics 365 SalesMarketing, and Customer Insights help you to deepen relationships and get customers to yes faster with the intelligent, full-funnel sales and marketing solution to personalize experiences with AI-powered insights, seamless collaboration, and intuitive productivity tools.

With this platform you will get:

Understand your customers and uncover leads:

Unify data from multiple sources for a 360 view of customers. Create multidimensional customer profiles and define highly targeted segments with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.


Export segments to Dynamics 365 Marketing to execute personalized campaigns.


With built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to predict customer needs and prioritize sales-ready leads.


Build meaningful relationships:

Tap into LinkedIn’s vast network of business decision-makers to find the right customers, understand their interests, and create connections through warm introductions.


View their profiles, obtain recommended leads, initiate ice breakers, and access a unified timeline.

Adapt to rapid changes

With a flexible platform, your sales operations team can tailor the prebuilt AI and business processes to keep pace with internal and external demands.

Leverage a powerful, flexible, no-code tool to quickly design and implement next best action recommendations for your sales team.



With Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can orchestrate customer journeys to personalize buyer experiences, nurture demand, build relationships at scale, and make insight-driven decisions to stay connected with customers. Create exceptional experiences, increase revenue, and drive more qualified leads with sales and marketing applications that are built on the same Dynamics 365 platform and work seamlessly with Microsoft 365.

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