Introduction to M365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a comprehensive cloud-based office suite designed to enhance business productivity and collaboration. Packed with powerful tools and features, it caters to the needs of modern businesses seeking efficient workflows.

Key Features and Tools

Email and Calendar:  Access emails, calendars, and contacts seamlessly through Microsoft Exchange Online.

Online Document Editing:  Collaborate in real-time with colleagues on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online.

OneDrive for Business:  Securely store and access files from anywhere, promoting efficient file management.

Microsoft Teams: Foster teamwork with video conferencing, chat, and file sharing in one centralized platform.

SharePoint Online: Organize and share resources through a centralized intranet for improved information management.

How to Use Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Get started by signing up for Microsoft 365 Business Standard and creating user accounts for your team.

Email Configuration:  Set up Exchange Online to manage your organization’s email accounts efficiently.

Document Collaboration:  Utilize real-time collaboration features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online for seamless teamwork.

OneDrive Usage:  Store important files and documents on OneDrive for Business, making them accessible across devices.

Team Collaboration:  Establish and manage teams in Microsoft Teams, promoting effective communication and collaboration.

SharePoint Implementation:  Create a centralized repository with SharePoint Online for efficient resource sharing and management.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Enhanced Productivity:  Microsoft 365 Business Standard streamlines workflows, increasing overall productivity.

Secure Cloud Storage:  OneDrive for Business ensures data is protected and easily accessible.

Improved Collaboration:  Microsoft Teams and SharePoint facilitate seamless teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Enhanced Communication:  Exchange Online enables efficient communication through emails and calendars.

Comparison of Business Standard with Office 365

Microsoft 365 Business Standard offers a wide range of features for businesses, striking a balance between comprehensive Office 365 suites and cost-effectiveness. It provides businesses with essential tools without overwhelming them with unnecessary features.

Comparison with Business Basic

The choice between M365 Business Standard and M365 Business Basic largely depends on your organization’s specific needs and budget considerations.

If you require advanced features and full desktop Office applications, along with robust email hosting and collaboration tools, M365 Business Standard would be a better fit.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for cost-effective online productivity tools and basic collaboration capabilities, M365 Business Basic might be the best option.


Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a powerful cloud-based solution that empowers businesses to operate efficiently and collaboratively. Embrace the transformative capabilities of Microsoft 365 and take your business to new heights of success.

Include Microsoft 365 Business Standard at your workplace

Enhance productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365 Business Standard's comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools and services.

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